BEAUTY FOUND seeks to encourage beautiful and meaningful lives.

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LIFE: We have all received this wonderful gift, and we must acknowledge that each life is unique and filled with possibilities. It is therefore our goal to help you value and protect life and its beauty.

LOVE: Each human person is meant to love and be loved. This is possible by understanding our own dignity and identity.

LABOR: Our daily work provides meaning and growth. In the measure that we make our work meaningful and filled with purpose, we should be able to love what we do.

SUFFERING: Along with labor, suffering is one of the inevitable human realities, regardless of background origin. We must learn to transform these into beautiful offerings and means of growth.


COMPASSION: Just as we gain an understanding of our own suffering, we must do so for the suffering of our neighbor. We must experience compassion through a spirit of true charity.

GROWTH: We are each called to become the best version of ourselves, in mind, body, heart, and soul. We would like to venture on this journey by offering insights and tools.


SERVICE: We are each called to greatness, and the best way to accomplish this, is through service. Making use of our personal growth to build value and do good for others; starting with our family members.

WONDER: We are called to maintain a sense of wonder and awe. Using what we are given in the ordinary, to find joy and excitement.


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