Every once in a while you wonder if any life situation would keep you from viewing the

beauty of life itself. Coming across the story of Stephanie Nielson (nienie), I can only confirm once again, that beauty is to be found, no matter what, and that difficult experiences may offer the opportunity of making you more grateful and appreciative of all that, which has been given.


Surviving a near-fatal airplane crash, which burned 80% of her body, Stephanie cherishes the fact that she is alive and is able to be present in the lives of her loves: Mr. Nielson, Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas and her newest sweetheart, Charlotte, as she lovingly describes them.

What a beautiful example of love and simplicity. I cannot help but be inspired by her courage and determination to reflect beauty, against any other reflection.


Images by Justin Hackworth for Parade found via nienie

Stephanie and her beautiful family were featured on Parade magazine; take a look at some behind the scenes action:

A book written by Stephanie with the accounts of her story will be released Spring 2012, this little video has a beautiful introduction:

How lovely to see so much beauty around Stephanie; just take a look at her little ones, truly a reflection of whom she really is: