By Marisol B.

Given that the prime characteristic of the beautiful; is light or radiance, I would like to reflect on some of the ways in which our own beauty might be revealed.

I would like to ponder upon the manner in which the inner intelligibility of a being is made visible, and the moments when one realizes and recognizes the great beauty of one's own existence.


I would like to start off with the thought that beauty is vested upon a being; it is gifted and perfectly given - ready to be revealed. As described by Michael Angelo; his masterpieces were already in existence, and all he had to do was to take away the excess marble in order to reveal their perfection.

The above places us at a point of identifying what parts of our own life and existence are in need of sculpting, building, and revealing. What parts need to be hit by radiance, order, and integrity; as to appear more beautiful and inviting.

Pondering upon these things, the following three points come to mind:

01. We are beautiful and complete; yet not fully revealed.

As we journey about life, it is important to remain mindful of our worth and individual gifts. We are all filled with great potential and perfection. There are times when we will be tempted to forget this simple truth and become clouded by doubt, fear, and a false sense of unworthiness. Let us remember the gift we have been given in existence, and the great endowment that entails the fact of being (versus doing or having).

02. Virtue brings light into our being and existence.

As we grow and work towards constant self-actualization, the beautiful and perfect parts of our being are more visible to others and ourselves. Having a clear vision of the virtues we wish to cultivate within our own lives; and acting upon these, bring a coherence of life that is both, attractive and appealing.

03. Magnanimity (i.e. a generous spirit) reveals much light upon itself and others'.

The greatest way in which our own beautiful identity and growth is truly revealed, is through the concrete means in which we give of ourselves. Having a constant desire to add value to specific causes and people, enables a spirit of service and collaboration.

As we move forward with our lives, let us be ever mindful of these principles and apply them consistently; lest we forget our inherent and perfect beauty.