Every human is receptive to what is true, good and beautiful...




We have been sealed with a beautiful identity, and this is a project that seeks to encourage that place of greater authenticity.

BeautyFound creates and curates content that allows for:






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This initiative began as an idea to merge aesthetics and humanities in order to tell a story that celebrates beauty within its purest and truest definition. Marisol; the soul behind BeautyFound, wishes to provide content that allows everyone the ability to find meaning and beauty in every person and circumstance.

Throughout history, many have been able to give meaning to the human experience through goodness, truth and beauty. Many stories have been woven around small or big worldwide events, and we seek to shine light into each one of them.

BeautyFound looks to inspire beautiful lives that reflect love and compassion across places and cultures.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Immensely grateful for the generosity and talent from wonderful people towards this initiative.  

Home page image credit: Museo dell'Ara Pacis , captured by Mauricio de la Garza from the wonderful MaldeMar. This page: The Last of the Roses, captured by Kerry Pitt-Hart