Every once in a while, we might miss the opportunity to look closer and learn beautiful details about a person; whether a stranger, or not. The city of Sofia, Bulgaria has been fortunate enough to know a wonderful soul; whose example of generosity has inspired them to adopt him as "Dyado Dobri" (Grandpa Dobri).

A man of humble appearance, with homemade clothing, and traditional raw skin shoes; he travels daily from his village to the city. His simple and willing walk, places him in front of numerous people; to whom he pays much respect. Many chose to provide donations; whether a few coins or a little more, and Dobri sets apart every bit of these offerings; to share with causes dear to his kind heart.



Known for his peculiar kindness, pleasant smile, and great humility; Dobri has touched the lives of people in Bulgaria, and around the world. Many have encountered him and sat down to listen to the fascinating stories he generously shares, and others have shared about his peculiar magnanimity:

"A well recognized fixture around several of the city’s churches, known for his prostrations of thanks to all donors, it was only recently discovered that this man, who lives entirely off his state pension of 80 euros, has donated every penny he has collected — over 40,000 euros — towards the restoration of decaying Bulgarian monasteries and churches, as well as the utility bills of orphanages."



Some are intrigued by the words of this beautiful man; who states is trying to do reparation for his past mistakes. This only confirms his great attitude of humility; recognizing our human and frail tendency to err, contrasted by the great potential for virtue.

Nearly a century old, Dobri perseveres in his cause day after day. He humbly vows to those around him, and kindly kisses the hand of each generous donor.

We hope you are inspired by this beautiful example and that you are reminded that we are all called to the words "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

"The Saint of Baylov"  [ 1 ]   donates all the money he gathers to charities, orphanages, churches, and monasteries.

"The Saint of Baylov"[1] donates all the money he gathers to charities, orphanages, churches, and monasteries.

do little things with great love
— B. Mother Teresa