We live and celebrate LIFE as the wonderful little gift it is -- unique to each individual, and filled with possibilities. One to be valued and protected.

We strive to LOVE everyone -- for each human person is meant to love and be loved. We seek to understand our own dignity and identity.

We understand the value of LABOR and how our daily work provides self-worth and growth. We make our work meaningful and filled with purpose, that we may love what we do.

We understand SUFFERING as one of the inevitable human realities; regardless of background origin. We accept it and learn to transform it into a means of growth.

As we come to understand our own suffering, we strive to do likewise for the suffering of our neighbor. We allow ourselves to experience COMPASSION through a spirit of true charity.

We work diligently on our own personal GROWTH in mind, body, heart, and soul. We strive to become our best self and avoid comparison with others.


We are called to greatness, and the best way to accomplish this, is through SERVICE. We make use of our personal growth to build value and do good for others; starting with our own family members.

We maintain a sense of WONDER and awe. Using what we are given in the ordinary, to find joy and excitement.

We are made for GOODNESS, TRUTH, and BEAUTY.

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