Anna is a wonderful friend who does not fail to amaze with her lovely creativity, passion and dedication.

Several years ago, she set out to create a site where design and communities could be honored. Out of that desire IN HONOR OF DESIGN was born. Since then, she has been sharing great inspiration both in a creative and human way.

Anna is the mother of three beautiful children and creates amazing workshops through her project; THE BRAND MARKET.

I personally admire her great discipline and generous heart; which are both evident by the fruits of her work and her lovely family. I believe she lives our Manifesto quite admirably.

She was kind enough to share some of her insights on beauty: 

How does beautiful design inspire your daily endeavors? 

Sometimes I put on that pair of rose colored glasses to see the world through an artistic eye. It always benefits my day because when you choose to see artistry in the small things, you appreciate them and value them more. 

What are some of the most beautiful aspects of your life? 

The faces of each of my children, the way my husband loves his family, being able to touch the world through my passion for art and design, and a faith that allows me to see these aspects of my life as the blessings they are. 

Sometimes it is difficult to perceive the beautiful side of suffering and difficulty. Can you share about a time when you found beauty in disguise?

My husband spent the majority of our first 5 years of marriage without extended family around. At times, this was so difficult, and I wanted to get out of the city we were in. However, looking back, the rough days taught me to lean on my husband more and grow in our trust in each other. We have a very solid foundation in our marriage now that will sustain us for many years to come. 

Would you share a quote or image that depicts beauty as you perceive it?