And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
— Roald Dahl


Many of us have ran across individuals and situations filled with a je ne sais quois; something out of the ordinary. We have all been around people that seem to be in a state of grace which helps them navigate through circumstances in an almost seamless manner.

We wonder how they may reach such a state of peace and we leave their presence wanting a bit more of that for our own lives. During an interview, writer Dan Millman elaborated on the topic of interior peace and mentioned a story of inquiry; where a soul who wondered the identity of another; so distinct, received the answer, "I am awake."

What exactly does it mean to be awake? A shot or two of espresso every morning might make our brains more alert, but it is our ability to intentionally notice life in its fullness, that brings about a wider readiness to conquer each part of the day.


During a recent research, UCLA professor Alan Castel found interesting data surrounding the way we filter information, pay attention to certain details, or assume how things should be, based on accumulated knowledge.

Our brains filter information which we think might not be relevant to our most important needs or wants, and miss valuable details on the periphery that would at times allow for great insight.

When we are children, we are fortunate to constantly explore the world around us, and as we grow older, the accumulation of information demands a different thought process; therefore, the option to maintain a sense of wonder becomes available through intentional behavior.


To be awake, is to step outside of our busy brains for a bit and to allow ourselves to take notice. It is to raise our conscious thought process during moments of our day, so that we may give space to otherwise missed possibilities.

We are called to focus and prioritize, but also to avoid tunnel vision and awaken to the details around us.

Let us navigate through either tempest or calm waters with ease, awareness, and great joy.