When I was 12 years old, I visited a small town where houses were built out of cardboard and tin, and as I met some of the members of the community, I noticed a little hut where dishes piled up and dust abounded. I was then prompt to ask the lady within the little dwelling, whether I could help to 'beautify' her little home. She agreed, and I gladly set out on a mission.


I began by taking care of the pile of dishes and sweeping the entire little hut. I then proceeded to rearrange the few pieces of furniture available to achieve the proper balance and make it more pleasing to the eye. The final touches were given with little things she had available and voila! A quaint little place to call home.


I remember vividly the excitement and gratefulness from the lovely lady. She thanked me by giving away some of the candy that she sold for a living and I left fully convinced, that no matter how many or how little resources one is given, one can make a home truly dignified.

I believe that when we are surrounded by beauty it is easier to remember our worth and dignity, and carry ourselves according to that truth....

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