We have all found ourselves in situations of fear, where action for a noble ideal is required. We may fear the response of others might not be favorable or that failure might result. There is; however, an internal attitude that pushes forward and encourages each of us to take risks.

As Marc Ecko describes; "We are designed, consciously or unconsciously, to default to some degree of fear - or reluctance". It is up to us whether to be discouraged or to forge ahead with a clear sense of why is it that we are doing something in the first place.

Our ideal is beauty; yet, we may be discouraged by unfavorable news regarding health, economy or threatened peace. We might be paralyzed by the thought that things might go in a direction of chaos, but just as a Japanese Proverb says " Fear is only as deep as the mind allows".


The most important step is to take action (regardless of how small) , in the right direction. Make a discerning decision based on your gut feeling. After this, think of the worst case scenario, and finally; think about the fact that most people in your situation are also scared, so conquering your fear will give you a beautiful head start.


Many times, fear serves as a distraction to our intentions and what needs to take place. Whether fear keeps us from speaking up in favor of a noble cause, leading a positive endeavor, or quite simply, living at peace; we must not lose sight of a polarized goal and remind ourselves of the big picture.

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter" - Francis Chan


Regardless of the situation, allow your faith to keep you going. Know that others are fighting similar battles and look to support one another. Sometimes all it takes is sharing our fears with the right people and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, but firm in the fact that we are not alone. 


Keep moving forward and do not lose sight of the beauty that surrounds you.  *