By Marisol B.

This little project wants to focus on the beauty that this life reveals in so many ways (sometimes evidently, while others barely visible); yet, there is also the awareness of the reality that many things don't go well. Our senses get to witness tragic images of war, violence and destruction.

It is easy to be discouraged, or even attempt to come up with answers that give a glimpse of justice and resolution (some more objective than others).

Several years ago, I wrote a few words regarding our desire for peace, as we get to witness horrific images and injustices towards humanity. While I pondered about a specific event, I added:

"I believe that the most powerful action towards such situation is first and foremost prayer, because God is the only one with enough power to soften the callous hearts of those involved. We know; however, that apart from putting things in the hands of those who know best, a good part is within our own hands. I personally do not consider myself to be wonder woman; able to rescue the entire human race; therefore, I do my part greatly by being at peace with those who surround me. That is where everything begins; right at the nucleus.

It is interesting to witness how we suffer for the world and wish to attain peace, when we fail to get along with our own family, neighbors, or those who happen to cross our path. We have all fallen into this behavior every once in a while, and that is why I hope that we more deeply reflect upon this and do our part."

Given the fact that the above words were written after the 09/11 event in the US, I then wrote:

"We were asked to create a visual with one word that would describe what had happened, and the word I chose was SEARCH:

Because we are in SEARCH of whoever is responsible of such atrocity; we are in SEARCH of the people trapped inside what remains of the tall structures; in SEARCH of answers, solutions, our identity as humans, and an explanation.

We search for many things, and we will continue to do so; however, I diligently pray that we SEARCH in the right place; that we search within ourselves, and find the right answers; because, he who finds himself, finds something else. He finds peace and true happiness."

This weekend, I am reminded to do my part. To PRAY and to be filled with love, that I may understand suffering, spring into right action, be filled with compassion, and make a difference; no matter how small.

I invite you to join me in #prayer

A couple of years ago, I was getting ready in the morning as I listened to music. When Anna Nalick's song Breath (2AM) came on, I thought about how perfectly "Just Breathe" could be adapted to the words "Just Pray", and that is how a little song was born. If you would like to read the words and apply them to your own reflection, you can find them RIGHT HERE.


"To pay tribute to his late wife, a father and his young daughter posed for a series of photos that reflect on their lives without her." These were the words that preceded beautiful and moving images that left me thinking of the love and beauty that remains when a loved one is deceased.

The images portray a combination of love and suffering; but more importantly, they allow us to remember and understand the importance of being present to each other.

This wife and mother's battle with lung cancer did not leave a void. The pictures might not portray her face any longer, but she is nonetheless present through the love and connection that this father and daughter hold so dearly.

We are called to recognize the presence of love in each other at every moment and stage in life. When my own mother passed in a tragic and sudden accident, I found the words that would allow me to know this lesson deep within my own heart. The words read:

"We don't own our cars, our homes, our loved ones, our bodies, our words, our beliefs. All of these things were loaned to us for a time and all of these things can be changed, lost, taken away. So what we truly own is our presence. We choose whether or not we are present to ourselves, to each other and to God."

How beautiful to learn of such profound love by the gaze of a father and daughter, who are present to each other as the days unfold.§




As I write these lines, I ponder about the recent tragedy in Newton, CT and I turn to prayer for healing and acceptance for all families involved.

Tragedy seems to hit unannounced; leaving us speechless before a sad reality and a broken world. I cannot fathom the pain of all mothers who have lost their precious children and the sadness that surrounds this community. I cannot therefore help, but unite to their pain and be part of the healing process.

There is truly a lack of words for what could be beautiful in their lives right now, but we must not forget that even amidst tragedy and suffering, one can experience a tremendous amount of grace.

I had intended to share a piece of my own suffering several months ago, but somehow I hesitated with the thought that perhaps it was too sad and I opted for sharing happier moments. Today I have a different perspective, as once again I am left with the fact that suffering is a human reality and that any light I might be able to shed from my own experience is noble in itself.

As much as I understand that each circumstance and tragedy is unique, I believe that pain is a universal reality. While things will never be the same and it will take a long time for families to heal, I hope the below story brings a ray of hope to many............

lovely image found through    pinterest     

lovely image found through pinterest


Last summer, I was given the opportunity to reflect on how I walk my little journey in life. I am truly grateful for the many occasions I can step back, look at the whole picture, and see the amazing plan thought out for each one of us, despite the difficulties.

As I write these lines, I count myself wonderfully blessed and compelled to share about my own pain and suffering transformed into beauty. Perhaps I must share bits and pieces of my own little way, as a means to help others persevere and love in any circumstance.......

My mother passed away during a tragic accident ten years ago. The night we found ourselves in front of her laying body; covered by a blanket, behind a yellow line, is one to bring tears to my eyes when vividly described. Sometime I will get to share the many details of that particular night; filled with depth and even hidden beauty.

This time though, my pen brings me to the part when funeral arrangements were to be made. I remember myself discussing arrangements for her cremated body to be buried. Something felt inappropriate about how the topic was handled. I doubted the dignity with which the loss of my beloved mother was handled by the callous personality of those who dealt with death on a daily basis.

As I found myself troubled by the circumstances, I received a phone call from one of my sisters. I was told of my mother's words not too long before her accident. She had expressed the wish to have her body cremated and spread throughout a field of flowers. I could not think of a more fitting way to honor her, so I excused myself from the funeral home and began the arrangements to fulfill her wishes.

We consulted with a few Theologians on the topic of burial and faith. When given an answer in regards to the specific situation, we embarked on our journey to find the perfect spot.

Once there, my siblings and I concluded it would be a good idea to take turns carrying the ashes on our way to the flower field. It was during that moment, when I remembered telling my mother a few yeas back, how I would take care of her as an elderly person. I told her I would push her wheelchair, as she once pushed my stroller. Unfortunately, she died before this would happen; yet, I found myself holding her entire body within my arms. I realized how I was given the opportunity to embrace her, just as she embraced me as a baby.

Life has many turns and road forks; but, we can always find something wise and beautiful within its many moments.

I could fill an entire book with them, but for now, I leave you with this little bit of my journey.....