Photo Credit:  Michael McKann

Photo Credit: Michael McKann

By Marisol B.

These days have been filled with news about life and death, and as I searched through my files to find words of comfort, I ran across a piece titled Through a Red Door; written many years ago. I thought it would be good to share, along with the above image; which sits on my desk as a reminder of what lies behind this mysterious and beautiful door:


Look at that door, where does it lead?

Should I ring the bell, or do you hold the key?

A tall red door, whose other side is completely unknown,

but whose crimson color is so attractive; so mysterious.

I have knocked a couple of times,

and I have overheard laughter on the other side.

It is red as the blood it was tinted with;

symbolic of the love it portrays.

It is the door to heaven, the door to eternity.

But if I ring the bell, or if I find the key, and if I am invited in...

and my laughter is heard from the other side one day...