One of the goals of this space is to inspire beauty, so that each one of us lives and experiences it within our own lives and circumstances.

We find however that "passive consumption" is predominant among social media users; where scrolling through wonderful images posted by friends or strangers alike, provide a sense of loneliness and even depression for many.

lovely image via    ignite light     

lovely image via ignite light


While it is beautiful to witness breathtaking images of faraway lands, summer resorts and serenity in the middle of Central Park, it is important to understand that what each of these pictures represent, is an experience.

We do not need to lay on a white sanded beach in order to experience beauty. We have the ability to find joy in simple everyday moments and details, and until we learn to look in the right places, we will be prey to continual social envy and the haunting thought that "someone else's life could be better".

There are so many beautiful images floating through cyberspace, and inspiration should come forth from each one of these, to live our own experience. BeautyFound looks to be a source of inspiration, so an invitation is extended to #findbeauty; even as you find yourself seating within a cubicle or wandering busy city streets. It only takes a minute to stop and look closer:

  • Look out your window: Many times we are so entertained by tasks, that we miss wonderful little details outside our own home.
  • Notice others: Whether you are walking down busy streets or at work, we tend to blur the many people that walk past us. Try to notice someone's beauty; whether external or internal, and see yourself reflected in them and connected through something small.
  • Mind your food: We do not need to go to a fancy restaurant or be on vacation to savor each meal. Even if you ordered Chinese takeout, make the effort to serve on a beautiful plate and consciously enjoy every bite.
  • Discover the new: Many times we are so accustomed to our surroundings, that we fail to notice beautiful details, both old and new. Cherish each object decorating your home, or look at your neighborhood with brand new eyes. There is always something new to discover.
  • Be inspired: Continue to scroll down beautiful and inspiring images. There are so many wonderful and talented people, you should be able to enjoy in an active; rather than passive manner.
  • Enhance your senses: After looking at your screen and being thoroughly inspired, plan a visit to an actual beautiful place. This could be a museum to experience and admire art installations,  a bookstore to flip through actual pages, or a park to connect with nature and the smell of grass or pine.

       So by all means, this an invitation to be present in the moment and experience a sense of joy.