The wonders that can be captured through a camera lens, are delightfully highlighted by the proper use of light, and without a doubt; the beautiful work done by Sue Bryce; a portrait photographer based in Sydney, far exceeds this reality.


On her lovely documentary titled"The Light that Shines"; which begins with the quote "beauty is the light in the heart", she portrays the story of a beautiful and inspiring woman, Jill Brzezinski-Conley, who has been able to inspire love and joy in the midst of difficulty, and a battle with cancer. This talented photographer speaks of the moment she came across Jill's story and describes her feelings.

"Something incredible resonated in my intuition and my soul", Sue describes, marking a start for a beautiful project.


Jill strolled the streets of Paris, wearing a lovely and magical Steven Khalil gown; yet, what truly makes the images come to life is Jill's inner beauty; which, so clearly reflects and tells the story of every experience lived within her life; specially within the past three years.


I invite you to watch this moving documentary; which touches on many levels and aspects of our human dignity, through the perspective of joy and strength.



Recently I found myself moving things around the house as there was to be a change in flooring, and it was from that little task, that I was able to have a wonderful reflection. I could notice with greater ease, the beauty of each little accessory or piece of furniture, and I realized that as much as I love my home and the overall look and feel of it, we get used to our surroundings and cease to be constantly amazed.

Everything had a new glow when taken away from the usual place, and even when I thought I did not own many pairs of shoes, I changed my mind as these were placed outside the closet. My mind kept thinking of how important it is to appreciate and be grateful for what we have been given; even when it becomes monotonous. This applies to everything and everyone, from a home, job, loved one, or even our relationship with God.


Not long after this little reflection, I found myself putting everything back into place and sorting through old paperwork, and as I went trough every old statement or medical bill, I suddenly came across bits and pieces of previous years; including several letters from my now husband, written to me back when we were still dating and going through discernment in many areas of our life. It was fun to thread it all together and see that every moment and decision has led us to where we are today and that as the years go by, we are responsible for continuing to find virtue in one another and building each other constantly.

The letters now reside within a small box, next to other great reminders of the wonderful life I have been given and I intend to make a conscious effort to look at these often and with gratefulness.


About eight years ago, I wrote a few lines that may illustrate the above reflections in a more abstract; yet relevant way:


How to Preserve a Given Treasure

Do not let the everyday debris cover the beauty

of that wonderful treasure you have been given.

Go ahead; dust it off, as dust is superfluous

-- nothing but particles of matter

regarded as the result of disintegration;

making it opaque; impenetrable by light.

Quite the contrary, try to polish it, to remove

the outer layers, so that its shine and beauty are everlasting.

Remember; dust is inevitable, but with a good piece of cloth,

and the willingness to make it shine; its beauty will be preserved

for years to come.

Do not let this happen to you, that when a day comes

that your treasure appears dusty and useless,

you dispose of it thinking it has lost its worth.

Someone then, may unbury such wonder and polish it to perfection,

finding great enjoyment, in the midst of an ever dusty world.


 interior details image found via reasons to breathe

love letters image by laura makabreku found via pinterest