What started out as a plan for a ski trip, turned into a vacation not to be forgotten. As we sat at a coffee shop bringing up details, our blind friend was the first to jump into the plan. At first some disbelief that she could even dream about skiing. I myself have my reservations when at the slopes, so to witness her fearless attitude began to give us courage.....

A ski school for the blind was our next search, and to our disbelief, they do exist, so the questions wandered through our minds of the huge responsibility this trip would entail. A different kind of vacation; one where we witness our courageous friend conquer the snow! She is truly one of a kind, blind from birth, she has conquered her fears, gone through college and a masters degree, plays the piano, socializes on fb, and totally ready to hit the slopes.


Everything was planned, it was a matter of days; however, unforeseen events forced most of us to cancel the trip. Regardless of this, our friend was determined, jumped on a plane on her own and met with a friend that lived near the mountain so she could fulfill her new goal. Doing incredibly well, she returned home triumphant, giving us the clear sense that this was a different type of vacation; one where we got to experience snow through a whole set of eyes.........

closed eyes image (source unknown) found via pinterest

snow heart found via spin news magazine